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We are building the open source web3 metaverse stack enabling online 3D worlds tailored to collaboration. Unlocking collaborative superpowers in an open network owned by users, where we can all freely shape our future together, and own it too!

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Your own space

Fly around in Odyssey Momentum and create your own space. Host any type of initiative, gathering or collaborative experiment.

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momentum, metaverse, odyssey momentum

We are building the open source web3 metaverse stack for collaboration

Momentum is enabling boundless collaboration between individuals, organisations and communities on any type of initiative.

Anyone can unlock the collaborative superpowers of people, organisations and communities.

Momentum provides you with tools, economics and network in which people can freely create their own collaborative environment, community and activities.

Momentum is live in Alpha.

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momentum, metaverse, odyssey momentum

Momentum Roadmap

Odyssey continues developing Momentum and improving its functionality with regard to open source web3 metaverse principles.

✅ Phase 0

Momentum prototype used at the Odyssey Hackathon November 2020.

Stats: 2500 participants, 21 challenges from web3 initiatives, corporates, governments, NGOs, 100 teams, €200k prize money.

Peak performance: 1600 participants from 60 countries logged in simultaneously (same shard).

✅ Phase I

First 1000 users in closed alpha release. Testing multiple use-cases: innovation, collaborative events, community organizing, hackathons, education.

Deploy multi-world version, enabling users to host their own 3D world with Momentum as it's management system.

Open alpha release to the public. Users can start their own initiative/ experiment in our Alpha World.

🚀 Phase II

Metamask integration

Token gated access

Proof of attendance token integration

Social Networking UI

Publish White-paper

Launch Momentum Grants Program

Phase III

Deploy crypto economic infrastructure

Release mobile client

Token Generation Event

Decentralized Protocol for node based 3D worlds

Open-source The Momentum Stack

Phase IV

Release Momentum 3D World builder

Release Momentum SDK

Phase V

Release Momentum Universe browser

Release VR client

Release desktop client

Momentum Node Management System

Phase VI

Launch Momentum DAO


*This roadmap is subject to change due to (future) insights