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Collaboration in the Metaverse

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Multi-stakeholder incubator

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Collaboration in the Metaverse

A vibrant 3D space to meet, collaborate and solve problems. 

With anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Launch your challenge, collaborate with project teams and involve experts and stakeholders to achieve innovative and desirable outcomes.

Turn any challenge into a movement that builds and adopts solutions. 

Momentum is live in Alpha.

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Online incubator for multi-stakeholder collaboration

Lead your challenge towards valuable opportunities.

Connect and collaborate with leading innovative teams to co-create solutions with your stakeholders and international experts.

We enable you to mobilize and align your internal and external stakeholders to achieve groundbreaking results and unlock new business opportunities.

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Odyssey Vision - Opening Odyssey Polaris 2019 feat. Carl Sagan

Humanity is now in the transition phase, which shows that our capacity is even more than ever in interbeingness and collective mindset. While new stories are being created, we still have the Polaris, the North Star of the vision embodied in a story of participation in the evolution of life, rather than domination. This is the compass we follow, and we invite you to be part of it.