Odyssey Momentum - Metaverse

About Odyssey

We enable digital societies to create, build and scale together in an open source decentralized metaverse network.

What we do

Odyssey is a digital native foundation established in The Netherlands.

Odyssey is building Momentum.

Momentum enables digital societies to create, build and scale together in an open source decentralized metaverse network.

Built on Kusama, Momentum offers the place for the Dotsama community to gather, engage in on-chain and off-chain activities - staking, parachain auctions, governance, and gatherings, as a shared experience in the metaverse.

Odyssey originated in 2016 as an incubator for multi-stakeholder collaboration and solutions bridging the world of large institutions with the emerging Web3 and AI space.


The Odyssey Polaris vision in collaboration with Charles Eisenstein feat. Carl Sagan

Meet our team

Rutger van ZuidamCEO & Founder
Christel SielingCo-Founder
Stefan KunstCo-Founder
Anton StarikovCTO
Anna AtamasCommunity Manager
Aryan KolaeiCOO
Tim JansenWeb3 Analyst
Nic RutherfordDeveloper
Steven GilbersMusic lead
Jeroen NijkampUX/UI
Geneviève Beroldcreative producer
Rutger van der Tasartist and connector in the NFT space
Dominique Klop-van RosmalenHR
Shilpa ThoratQA lead

Momentum is supported by the EU

The ERDF program of the EU is supporting the creation of a decentralised, open-source metaverse utility with a contribution of 750.000 euro.

Only open-source and decentralised tools will enable an online society to thrive. The EU recognises the potential of technologies like crypto (tokens), NFTs and immersive 3D to contribute to the society of the 21st century, when used and developed right.

Odyssey has received a grant from the EU of 750.000 euro to build its Momentum World Builder, making it possible for everyone to build a (3D) environment and own it too. With web3 tools and crypto economic infrastructure integrated, everyone is enabled to shape the governance of their own world any way they want.

With this grant, the EU is supporting the development of open-source technology and permissionless metaverse utilities.

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