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What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is an open source 3D content platform that is designed to redefine the virtual space as well as our physical world. By integrating AI, we enable anyone to unleash the power of their audience as creators.

In Odyssey, your audience can actively participate, generate content, shape the narrative, and connect and engage deeply. This is shifting the traditional unidirectional communication model to a collaborative one.

Discovering the future by building it, together

In 2016, when we saw the rise of crypto, blockchain, web3, and after having organised multiple conferences, we wanted to create a space for people to come together and instead of listening to speakers, explore, create together, experiment, and really discover where this technology can go and solve real world problems. For example, in energy, public services, identity, healthcare, even in regeneration of rainforest and protecting wildlife. 

We also added AI to this equation, and this has led to the biggest blockchain, web3 and AI hackathons in Europe. In the years 2017-2018-2019 we welcomed thousands of people to the city of Groningen.

It was an incubator for corporates, governments, and NGOs to solve complex challenges using these technologies and working not with usual suppliers, but with startups, scale-ups, and even corporate IT providers die by side, so that different worlds would meet, connect, and inspire each other.

Pioneering online mass collaboration

When Covid pandemic hit in 2020, we were looking for a platform to host out hackathon for 2500 people from 60 countries and we quickly came to the conclusion that we had to build something completely new. Because there was nothing out there that would help us bring all these people together in one space, and enable them to connect in a meaningful way, co-create solutions together and facilitate a process of appreciation and curation to find which solutions would be the best to the challenges that were set with the corporate and governmental partners. 

So we built our own platform: Momentum – the 3D online mass collaboration arena. Enabled 2500 participants to collaborate in the browser, in one virtual environment.

Going Web3

We decided to build the platform on web3 principles and we found a great web3 community to work with in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. Funded by the Kusama treasury we set out on the exploratory journey with the amazing Dotsama ecosystem to discover how the 3D environment can be beneficial to the ecosystem itself as well as individual actors within the ecosystem.

3D co-creation for everyone

With the approval of a second grant, the journey continues… 

Our vision from the beginning of this journey was to enable everyone to create an environment in which you can co-create on a massive scale. The first step was to create a boiler for that. In the browser.





First physical hackathon program – 500 participants


Second physical hackathon program – 1000 participants
Physical hackathon for European Commission & EUIPO in Brussels


Third physical hackathon program – 1500 participants


Pivot into online hackathon in Momentum – 2500 participants


Built multiple 3D worlds for and refined Momentum with corporates, governments, NGOs, and universities
Secured 4M euro seed funding
Pivot from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0


Built the kusamaverse with the polkadot ecosystem

Received EU funding (EFRO) 750k euros grant

Secured 800k euros in extended seed funding


Launched alpha version of Odyssey creator for interactive digital experiences on testnet

Launched beta version of Odyssey Creator with AI integration switching from Unity to Babylon JS

our co-founders

Christel Hexagon Outline

Christel Sieling

CEO/ Co-Founder

Anton Hexagon Outline B&W

Anton Starikov

CTO/ Co-Founder

Rutger Hexagon Outline

Rutger van Zuidam

Creative Director/ Co-Founder

our Partners


Our investors

Gavin Hexagon Outline

Gavin Wood

Founder Polkadot + Parity. Ex co-founder & CTO Ethereum

Donnie Hexagon Outline

Donnie BigBags

Founder Moonsama / Exosama

Ewald Hexagon Outline

Ewald Hesse

Co-founder Energy Web, GridSingularity,

Ben Hexagon Outline

Ben Woldring

Founder & CEO BenCom

Trent Hexagon

Trent McConaghy

Co-founder + CTO Ocean Protocol

Sota Hexagon Ouline

Sota Watanabe

Founder & CEO Astar Network

Yusuke Hexagon Outline

Yusuke Obinata

Web3 Foundation