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Take your organization to the Metaverse!

Building a 3D environment, tailor made for corporates, governments, NGOs, Universities and Online (web3) ecosystems. Support in exploring new 21st century paradigms, utilising the emerging opportunity field of web3 and the metaverse. 

What we do

Genesis is the online program designed for corporates, governments, NGOs, Universities and Online (web3) ecosystems to explore new 21st century paradigms in a multi-stakeholder setting, utilising the emerging opportunity field of web3 and the metaverse. 

We co-create your 3D world and support you in your 'Genesis' event, to make a flying start in the web 3 and metaverse space, attracting relevant contributors and taking along your stakeholders. Examples:

  • Turning a Dutch government organisation into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation).
  • Developing a crypto-economic token as a (heavily regulated) corporate.
  • Building a digital campus in the Metaverse.
  • Developing open data-exchange protocols in several industries.
  • Providing a home to an NFT collectible community.
  • Building a shared open innovation landscape in a consortium setting.
  • Developing new neighborhoods with future residents and stakeholders.
  • Building an NGO with a global purpose driven open source community that enables people to contribute and earn.

How we do it

The Odyssey Momentum open source web3 stack for collaboration in the Metaverse, enables us to co-create your very own 3D world.

  1. Your collaboration space in the Metaverse
    Here we turn the desired paradigm, the future you are building, into an actual place where you can meet, gather and collaborate with your stakeholders and organization on any type of initiative. Rather than having the future as an abstract concept or point in time, your POV is the new paradigm, the future, your world.
  2. Launching your first activity, a co-creation event
    Through our process, you define the best activities to start in this new world: urgent, relevant and valuable for your organisation and stakeholders. We also guide and advice you in the community adoption and growth strategy for your world and its activities.
  3. We guide you in future steps
    Keeping the Momentum going by hosting ongoing activities and growing your ecosystem.

Your own 3D world

Your own, highly interactive world.

3D, live and persistent.

Where relevant connections are made, ideas, problems and solutions are shared and where your stakeholders come together to collaborate on the challenges you jointly face.

  • Customized design, fitting your identity and narrative.
  • Designed to host the global interaction and public collaboration of your organization or community.

An open 3D environment where anyone can instantly contribute to your goals.

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