Become a partner in 2021!

Host a challenge, support the ecosystem, or become a location partner in the fifth edition of Odyssey.

Horizon 2021: June-December

We enable our partners to:

  • turn their biggest challenges into a new clear pathway forward
  • mobilize internal and external stakeholders to work with the best-selected teams and experts from all over the world to build:
    • prototypes of new solutions, business opportunities
    • partnerships with motivated stakeholders
    • concrete multi-stakeholder projects
  • leverage the network effect of the inclusive global Odyssey ecosystem, where anyone from 8 to 88 years old that is intrinsically motivated to solve complex challenges through collaboration, is enabled to contribute.

Horizon Challenge Lead Partner

Your own challenge in Odyssey 2021.

What happens when you have successfully gone through the Odyssey Incubator?

Of the 5 teams participating in your challenge, you have chosen one (or two) who will ignite a multi-stakeholder pilot together with you and your stakeholders under the guidance of Odyssey. These are the teams that built the greatest prototype and could collaborate best with you and your stakeholders.

“In Odyssey Momentum, two things came together in a way that wasn’t possible anywhere else: we got to prototype with the best teams and stakeholders, while at the same time working in and on our ecosystem.

The prototypes we created in Momentum showed to everyone involved that it was really feasible to develop a practical solution to our challenge. This motivated everyone to get on board to collectively build the solution, instead of debating whether or not a solution was possible at all.

This brings the conversation and collaboration of the stakeholders to the next level: the ‘what’ and ‘why’ are already clear, now it’s only about the ‘who’ and ‘how’ to make it reality. This is something Odyssey really delivers.”

Michiel Sintenie (Innovation Manager Europe, Vattenfall)
Challenge Lead in Odyssey 2020

You have realized clear alignment and understanding within your partnership on the systemic nature of the challenge by combining the perspectives of crucial internal and external stakeholders.

You now have a partnership of stakeholders who go beyond talking, and actually decided together in what way you together want to take the next step, what to realize and build with each other.

Additional value:

  • Access to the Odyssey Hackathon for your board members in a high-level delegation.
  • Inspiration from and collaboration with the other Challenge Lead Partners, their experts, and stakeholders.

60.000 euro ex VAT – this includes 10.000 euro cash rewards for the participating teams

Becoming a special ‘Pilot Budget Challenge’ in Odyssey Horizon.

25.000 or 50.000 euro pilot budget for the #winning team(s) instead of 10.000 euro cash reward.

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Horizon Ecosystem Partner

Become the first stop for collaboration for all Odyssey challenges.


  • A clear proposition of your added value before the Odyssey Hackathon for every challenge towards Odyssey’s partners and all participating teams

  • Positioning of your brand towards the entire Odyssey ecosystem
  • Involvement in a minimum of 2 Odyssey challenges from inception all the way to igniting the best solution.

Additional value:

  • Access to the Odyssey Hackathon for your board members in a high-level delegation.

  • Dedicated guidance of Odyssey for optimal involvement of your personnel in the Odyssey Hackathon.

  • Access to the Odyssey Hackathon for a team of your own organization.

25.000 euro ex VAT (15.000 euro ex VAT for public/NGO entities)

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Community Location Partner

Host part of the ecosystem in your office, co-working space or university building.

Odyssey support:

  • Announced as an official Odyssey Hackathon location.
  • Training on how to get the most out of your location.
  • Promotional package.

 10.000 euro ex VAT

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Results 2020: Partners about their Odyssey journey

At Connecting Peers event, participating organizations shared their stories of co-creating real prototypes with stakeholders, international teams, and experts, and lessons learned from the past Odyssey 2020 season.

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