Odyssey Momentum - Metaverse

We are building the open source web3 metaverse stack for collaboration 

Momentum is enabling boundless collaboration between individuals, organizations, and communities on any type of initiative, where anyone can co-create their own space.

Momentum is live in Alpha.

Welcome to Momentum!

Momentum is enabling anyone to unlock the collaborative superpowers of people, organisations and communities.

  • Launch and customize your own collaborative space or 3D world
  • Invite your community to work on your ambitions
  • Achieve collaborative results together
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Your own collaborative space

Your own space, highly interactive, live, and persistent.

You decide how it looks and what you do with it to achieve results.

  • Unlimited users & spectators (fair use)
  • A customized design, fitting your identity and narrative.
  • Meeting space functionality (video and voice chat, a synchronous chat)
  • A selection of your favourite tools to host any collaboration you need.
  • As easy as filling out a LinkedIn profile, or clicking on a Zoom link.

Your own space enables anyone to learn about your ambitions and instantly work with you, at anytime.

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Your own 3D world

A fully customized, immersive 3D environment.

Where relevant connections are made, ideas, problems and solutions are shared and where your stakeholders come together to collaborate on the challenges you jointly face.

  • An open 3D environment where anyone can instantly contribute to your goals.
  • Designed to host the global interaction and public collaboration of your organization or community.
  • Customized design, fitting your identity and narrative.

50.000 euro
Billed annually 

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Integrated digital tools

Optimize your workflow with integrated third party cloud based productivity tools, like Miro, Figma, Google Workspace and CodeSandbox, for a seamless collaboration experience.

Connect, meet and collaborate in real-time!

  • Video meeting spaces
  • A-synchronous interactions
  • Advanced whiteboard (Miro)
  • Shared document collaboration
Odyssey Momentum - Metaverse

Momentum usecases

Innovation programs
Bounty programs

Get Momentum for any collaborative initiative!

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“This is one of the platforms I’ve seen where collaboration actually works. 
Where it is possible to innovate virtually, with everybody.”

Denise SchweitzMarketing Manager Cognitive Applications at IBM

“We want to see how the future could look like and this is something that Odyssey Momentum delivers.”

Michiel SintenieInnovation Manager Europe at Vattenfall

Anything is possible in Momentum.
Anything that matters to create a better world.

Kester MeijerDirector Operational Integrity, Compliance and Safety at KLM CARGO

It has an exponential effect on our views as it branches into different solutions all the time. 
You get a tree of possibilities that just expands endlessly.

Rick FitzgeraldHigh school graduate at RSG De Borgen

Odyssey Momentum 2020 premiere

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