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Momentum Grants Program

Come build with us the open source web 3 metaverse stack fro collaboration in a special Momentum Grants Program. Join the hackathons, bounties, submit your ideas and get rewards!

About the program

What is it?
Momentum Grants Program is a series of opportunities you can contribute to and get rewarded for building the best solutions for the Momentum open source web 3 metaverse stack for collaboration.

It consists of a number of various opportunities such as hackathons, bounties, idea creation, and other epic solutions that will help us advance Odyssey Momentum.

Who can participate?
Teams and individuals, innovators, creatives, designers, developers, unicorns, zebras, DAOs and DAOists, students - anyone!

There is budget allocated for each opportunity

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Momentum Grants Program takes place throughout the year and consists of various opportunities.

February 2022

DEV Connect - ETH Hackathon

March 2022


April 2022


May 2022


June 2022


Our roadmap

Momentum Grants Program contribute to the Odyssey Momentum roadmap.

Our roadmap


  1. Hackathons
    A series of Odyssey Hackathons hosted in Momentum, that ...
  2. Bounties
    Special ...
  3. ...
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Bencom Group - Hackathon in Momentum

Bencom Group, a Dutch SME, hosted their first company-wide hackathon in Odyssey Momentum. 
During 48 hours, the development, data, and business teams of Bencom collaborated in a single 3D environment with colleagues working from home as well as at the office. Externals from Microsoft, the legal department, and marketing experts joined them in Momentum to provide extra support.

Sovereign Nature Initiative - Hackathon 2021

SNI's Hackathon Challenge 2021 was hosted in Odyssey Momentum on 3-4th of July 2021.
Teams, challenge owners, experts, and other participants collaborated during the hackathon weekend to think through the relationship between humans and nature and to find innovative ways to make nature sovereign.
All solutions are available at momentum.odyssey.org.