Odyssey Momentum - Metaverse

February 15-18 2022, in Momentum (online)

We invite you to come build with us the SDK for the open source web 3 metaverse stack for collaboration - Odyssey Momentum.

About the Hackathon

Dates: Feb 15-18

Location: in Momentum (online)

Who we're looking for: teams and individuals, innovators, creatives, designers, developers, DAOs and DAOists who are eager to build in web3 environment

What we're asking to build: the most inclusive SDK for dev community to build on top of the Momentum open source web3 metaverse collaboration stack

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Our roadmap

This hackathon contributes to the Odyssey Momentum roadmap - to open source the Momentum stack and to enable others co-create and build on top of the existing tech stack.

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What happens with the winner(s)

There is X budget allocated for the winners.

We're looking for teams and individuals who are ready to pursue their hackathon solution and continue working on Momentum SDK with the core Odyssey team.

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1. How might we build the most inclusive SDK that will enable dev community build on top of the existing collaboration stack?

2. How might we enable non tech community to build their own Momentum worlds using the open source web3 SDK?

3. ....


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Momentum Hackathon is a juried competition, with a X budget allocated to ... Participating teams and individuals will be provided with all kind of tech, legal, regulatory, and other support to build the best solutions to one of the challenges.

Winners of this hackathon will be given an opportunity to pursue their solution as part of the core Odyssey team and provided with sufficient budget.

Together with the entire Odyssey community, ...

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