Odyssey Momentum - Metaverse

Release notes 

Discover how Odyssey Momentum is evolving over time.

Below you'll find an overview of release notes for every Momentum  version.


December 6th 2021

New Features 
1. Added the Moon! You surprised us with your desire for initiatives in the metaverse! So we invented an extra space for storing all your amazing content and added The Moon. More moons will automatically appear as the Momentum grows! (coming soon: Moon colours!)
2. Implemented Privacy mode. You can now shield your space from prying eyes. To enable it, go to the ‘Admin Dashboard’ and change your settings to ‘private’.
3. Added Fly to Broadcast feature. Has something interesting popped up in the corner of your screen? Simply click on the Space Rocket icon to fly directly to the source of the Broadcast.
4. More control over your Google Docs. A very requested feature that helps keep your space nice and clean - you can now close any Google document you have loaded on your space.

Reworked Features
1. Made Magic links permanent. Rather than having a link that only lasts 24 hours (what were we thinking of?) Magic links have now become permalinks! Share them from your Dashboard (and get straight to your meeting) or simply share a nice view of the metaverse that will last!
2. Reworked Dashboard UI. We thrive on YOUR feedback, and when you tell us something doesn’t make sense, we jump on it. We have reworked the meme and poster uploads to make them a bit more intuitive.
3. Added a Description field for when you create your spaces. This text will instantly go to the Dashboard of your space and in a 3D environment.
4. Implemented initiative launching. Now instead of having to fly and search for your space, you will be instantly teleported to your newly created initiative so you can get creating as quickly as possible.
5. Added spacing between lines on the Dashboard. Now the text on the tiles is even more readable!

Visual Improvements
1. Redesigned colours of spaces. Every space uses different colour settings, just to vary up the look and feel of the metaverse. Currently you can’t pick these colours yet, but we hope to address this soon.
2. Reworked Magic link icon. As much as we loved the name “Magic link” it did cause some confusion, so we have renamed this (and the icon) to the more simple to understand ‘Share location’.
3. Redesigned Broadcast screen. It is much easier to use now, with funky new colours and an icon to take you to the space.

Bug Fixes & Other Optimisations
1. Fixed the issue of textures not loading. Drastically reduced the number of textures that are loaded on startup. This should make things much more smooth when you first launch Momentum.
2. Fixed the issue of Dashboard tiles not saving up on the place you moved them. Now they will stay exactly where you saved them.
3. Fixed the Background Audio issue. Now you can turn ontoggle the background sounds in Momentum.
4. Fixed the issue of ‘Problem’ and ‘Solution’ texts not appearing in Search.
5. Lots of other bug fixes on the backend and frontend that are not so visible to users, but hopefully will make a difference to your overall performance.


November 5th 2021

New Features 
1. Added ‘Create your space’ feature. You can now launch an initiative in Momentum yourself, for free! Simply click on the pop up with the first log in, or go to your ‘Profile’ to create a free space with multiple subspaces. We are incredibly excited to see what you will create!
2. Added ‘Magic links’. No longer do you have to give a vague description of your location in the Metaverse, bring people directly to you with a clickable URL.
3. Added a list of all initiatives you’re part of to your ‘Profile’. You can now manage all your spaces and fly to them directly from your ‘Profile’. Keeping your Metaverse organised has never been easier.
4. Added functionality to allow you to toggle your webcam on and off. Not everyone wants to be seen all the time!
5. Added ‘Schedule a call’ feature. Got any questions about Momentum? You can now schedule a quick call with our incredibly friendly team directly from the ‘Help’ menu.

Reworked Features
1. ‘City’ and ‘Country’ fields on your ‘Profile’ are now editable. Finally!
2. Teleport improvements: land exactly where you want to in Momentum and do it in style.
3. All links in the ‘Help’ menu now open in a new tab.
4. Removed the Admin pencil when inside an admin panel. This should save some confusion.

Visual Improvements
1. We've done a big run through of all the UI elements, giving them much more accurate labels.

Bug Fixes 
1. A smorgasbord of bug fixes.

Other Optimisations
1. Massive changes to the back end systems to enable us to build even cooler features. It's really exciting stuff!
2. Created private spaces framework. You can see this in the UI, but it's not quite ready yet, expect an update soon that will allow you to spawn a shield around your spaces and keep your dashboard private!
3. A vast number of optimisations to the dashboards to make them much more responsive and efficient to use.


August 31st 2021

New Features 
1. Implemented Google Drive integration. You can now jointly work on Google Docs (including Google Slides) in your space.
2. Added individual YouTube screens to each space. You can now choose the video on your Dashboard that will be shown on the screen outside of your space in the 3D environment (and play it when you click on that screen!)
3. Moved Admin panel within the space. You can now manage your space(s), create new spaces, assign roles etc directly from your space.
4. Added the Broadcast feature. You can now live stream a YouTube video to all of your spaces and sub-spaces from your space.
5. Implemented 2D navigation feature. You can now browse around programs, challenges, and projects more easily. 

Reworked Features
1. Each space now has pre-filled permanent tiles on the Dashboard associated with screens outside your space. Making your space shine in our 3d environment is now easier than ever!

Visual Improvements
1. Redesigned program level spaces. They now have an amazing huge banner you can see from miles away!
2. Redesigned project spaces. They have more readable problem & solution (on the screen outside of your space in the 3D environment).
3. Redesigned all spaces. From better colours to the fact they are now rotating.
4. Increased the intervals between tiles on the Dashboard for a better readability.
5. Redesigned wisps. They became smaller so you can now see more of the environment and high five other users more easily.
6. New colourful and interactive notifications! Got a high-five? Simply click on notification to return the favour and focus camera on the person who high-fived you.
7. Changed tickers on big screens to display local time (edited)

Bug Fixes 
1. Fixed the issue of double wisps. You will never be stalked by your own ghost again
2. Fixed the issue of users being able to log in twice (double log in).
3. Fixed missing sound and visual effects when you create new spaces or upload memes & posters in your space.

1. Upgraded unity version.
2. Massive structural changes on backend for scalability.
3. Stability fixes and improvements.


May 26th 2021

New Features and Optimizations
1. Made toggle on/ off for ambient sound available in Settings.
2. Improved and extended spaces management.
3. Added ability to delete programs, challenge and project spaces.
4. Made overall UI and UX improvements.

Bug Fixes
1. Greatly reduced the memory footprint of all the awesome memes and posters.
2. Improved memory management of the YouTube screen.
3. Added a funky background to platform names to aid with visibility.
4. Sorted an issue where some users had an evil doppelgänger spawn next to them.
5. Improved the loading of dynamic textures and tweaked the distances that platforms can be seen from.
6. Numerous stability fixes.