Momentum Use Cases

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Organize collaboration in Momentum

Odyssey Momentum is the open source web3 metaverse stack for collaboration, enabling people, organizations, and communities to turn their challenges into their brightest achievements.

With Momentum, you can organize any collaborative process and work in a persistent shared collaborative 3D environment.

From meeting to conference, from hackathon to classroom.

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Momentum Use Cases


Turn a single event into a community
For online or hybrid hackathons
  • Collaborative 3D environment
  • 3D presence of all participants
  • Central hub for organizers
  • Own modifiable space for each team
  • Full visibility and insights into every team's project
  • Instant contribution by all participants to projects
  • Repository of all results
  • After the event, teams use their space for continuous development of their project
  • Collaborative tools integrated (Miro, Google Docs, YouTube, etc)
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited amount of hubs and spaces
  • Instant broadcast to all participants
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From 2D to 3D school
For remote or hybrid schools
  • Empowering 3D environment
  • 3D presence of each teacher and student
  • Central hub for every faculty and course
  • Own modifiable space for each teacher and student
  • Portfolio building for all classes and students
  • Full visibility and insights into every student's project
  • Anyone is enabled to contribute to your students' projects
  • Collaborative tools integrated (Miro, Google Docs, YouTube, etc)
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited amount of hubs and spaces
  • Instant broadcast to all students
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Active participation by individual agency
For online or hybrid conferences
  • Engaging 3D environment
  • Each participant has a 3D presence
  • Central hub for welcoming participants
  • Gathering and networking area
  • 3D interactive expo booths
  • 1-1 chats and high-fives
  • Instant live stream-broadcast to all or selected attendees
  • Own modifiable session space for each speaker
  • Continuous participant contribution to sessions, before, during, and after
  • Repository of all conference takings
  • Collaboration mode for interactive sessions with tools integrated (Miro, Google Docs, YouTube, etc)
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Unlimited speakers and stages
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Your hackathon in Momentum

3D experience

Create an epic hackathon experience for participants in a vibrant 3D environment where participants are given agency: their own space to show what they're working on using their own favourite collaborative tools.

Community building

The hackathon is the start of a community. Participants truly own their space and can make use of all facilities, tools to continue developing and growing their projects and ecosystems after the hackathon.

Get started

Set up your hackathon in 5 steps

  1. Choose from our hackathon templates or start from scratch
  2. Launch all spaces you need - for organizers, teams, partners and experts
  3. Give dedicated ownership and editing rights over each space to participants
  4. Invite all participants to populate their spaces with ideas, ambitions, and potential contributions
  5. Invite your network to fly-by spaces, connect to participating teams, give tips and ask questions to optimally prepare for the hackathon

Ready to go!

Managing your hackathon

  1. Everyone comes flying in and lands at your Central hub. You launch your opening show, broadcasted to all participants.
  2. All participants learn by flying around what teams are building, engage, and start contributing.
  3. You host regular stand-ups for team progress, board member tours and expert workshops.
  4. Jury flies by to review all results and engage with teams.
  5. Winners announcement; all participants understand how they can keep contributing to their ambitions in Momentum. Your community is growing.

This is just the beginning!

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Bencom Group - Hackathon in Momentum

Bencom Group, a Dutch SME, hosted their first company-wide hackathon in Odyssey Momentum. 
During 48 hours, the development, data, and business teams of Bencom collaborated in a single 3D environment with colleagues working from home as well as at the office. Externals from Microsoft, the legal department, and marketing experts joined them in Momentum to provide extra support.

Sovereign Nature Initiative - Hackathon 2021

SNI's Hackathon Challenge 2021 was hosted in Odyssey Momentum on 3-4th of July 2021.
Teams, challenge owners, experts, and other participants collaborated during the hackathon weekend to think through the relationship between humans and nature and to find innovative ways to make nature sovereign.
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