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Odyssey Creator

Odyssey Creator is a multiplayer world builder that enables individuals to collaboratively create experiences. It provides a chat system to communicate with co-creators. You can also enhance each object with integrations such as embedded images, text narratives, or link to Twitch and YouTube content. Odyssey Creator is accessible to creators of all levels and provides the tools needed to bring your vision to life, from uploading custom textures to creating an immersive experience.

The Explorer

As you log into Odyssey, The Explorer greets you with a galaxy of Odysseys, each representing a unique world waiting to be explored and staked in. The Explorer not only provides a navigation tool but also a window into the heart of the Odyssey experience, allowing you to fully engage with the world around you. With its powerful graphical display, you can easily find the most relevant Odysseys to you, whether it’s the most active worlds or those with the most staked in them.


Our front-end system is powered by React and Babylon.js Javascript frameworks. Being optimised specifically for the browser, it delivers real time 3D visuals and interactive user interfaces.


This stack powers real-time updates, blockchain integration, and collaborative building between users. The back-end updates the positions of other users and objects in real-time, providing blockchain integration and synchronises with the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. Our API provides a fast and efficient mechanism for larger data amounts.


Solidity is the key technology of our stack, supported by the Hardhat framework. Solidity is a no- brainer when the objective is to create EVM contracts that are cost-optimized and secure. Hardhat is the framework utilized that helps us guarantee a professional standard on development, test and deploy.

The Momentum ($MOM) token is launched on the Arbitrum Nova network, because it caters exceptionally well with our requirements in terms of ultra-low transaction costs and seamless access to a well-established community of creators and developers. Notably, Nova stands out as a prominent Ethereum Layer-2 scaling and maintains compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).