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The Momentum ($MOM) token is launched on the Arbitrum Nova network, because it caters exceptionally well with our requirements in terms of ultra-low transaction costs and seamless access to a well-established community of creators and developers. Notably, Nova stands out as a prominent Ethereum Layer-2 scaling and maintains compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Multi-chain approach

While Odyssey initially utilizes an EVM compatible chain, it does not hold any explicit preferences in terms of blockchain technology. Whether it be Polkadot, Tezos, NEAR, or other platforms, Odyssey acknowledges that many key technologies and their associated communities share core values such as open participation, collaborative support, enabling discovery, and fostering creation. Recognizing this as a significant opportunity, Odyssey’s objective is to bridge multiple crypto ecosystems by providing seamless integration and supporting real-world use cases.

Momentum token

The Momentum ($MOM) token is enabling communities to recognize and reward people’s contributions and foster stakeholder participation. Token address: